Publications by Biniam Egu Bedasso

Articles in refereed journals

A Dream Deferred: the microfoundations of direct political action in pre- and post-democratization South Africa” (with Nonso Obikili), Journal of Development Studies (2016), 50(1)

 Educated bandits: endogenous property rights and intra-elite distribution of human capital”, Economics & Politics (2015), 27(3): 404-432.

 Ethnicity, intra-elite differentiation and political stability in Kenya”, African Affairs (2015), 114(456): 361-381.

 Conditionally accepted articles

Blood is Thicker than Water: the economic and institutional foundations of the salience of ethnicity in Kenya”, Review of African Political Economy.

Book chapters

Health inequities in selected African countries: Review of evidence and policy implications” (with G. Mutangadura, A. Gauci, B. Armah, E. Woldemariam, and D. Ayalew), Proceedings of the African Economic Conference 2007, Paris: Economica, pp. 507-536.

Peer-reviewed working papers

Does Education Promote Stable Property Rights”, ERSA Working Paper Series, No. 380, 2013.

 Political Transition in a Small Open-Economy: Retracing the economic trails of South Africa’s long walk to democracy”, ERSA Working Paper Series, No. 458, 2014.

 College Major Choice, Spatial Inequality and Elite Formation: Evidence from South Africa”, ERSA Working Paper Series, No. 547, 2015.

 Other working papers

Investing in education as means and as an end: exploring the micro-foundations of the MDGs”, UNECA discussion paper, No.3, 2008.

 Lords of Uhuru: the political economy of elite competition and institutional change in post-independence Kenya”,UNU-MERIT Working Paper Series, No. 2012-042, 2012.

 Policy/Research briefs

The social and political case for promoting economic growth and broad-based innovation in South Africa”, Research Brief 16, Economic Research Southern Africa, November 2014.

 Addressing structural change issues in the context of South Africa’s political dispensation”, Research Brief 15, Economic Research Southern Africa, November 2014.

 How does human capital shape the social contract?”, Research Brief 46, Economic Research Southern Africa, November 2015.